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PeersGroup is an organizational consulting group that has been supporting change within public- and private-sector ecosystems since 2012.

PeersGroup provides Business, Finance, Operations & Risk professionals with expert, tailored solutions to bolster their performance and boost their efficiency.

The group supports general management and specialist departments in all aspects, from highly strategic decisions to everyday operations. PeersGroup’s partners are managers and entrepreneurs in their respective specialist fields. They speak your language, understand your priorities and challenges, and share your vision.

Our comprehensive approach (Consulting, Operations, Academy) strikes the perfect balance, combining skill-sets designed to help you revolutionize your practices, speed up development, manage your operations and deepen your expertise.

From shaping a new vision to developing your organizations and managing your activities, the PeersGroup Advice to Run offer provides a tailored solution to every need.


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Three expert services ensure we’ve got you covered



  • Conducting operational audits based on a five-axes method
  • Structuring & rolling out organization plans
  • Defining & implementing transformation plans
  • Carrying out benchmarking & surveys


  • Assessing portfolios, business activities & offers
  • Defining & implementing performance plans
  • Implementing highly technical programs: Make Or Buy, Lean, UpSell, Design to Cost, Research tax credits, Fundraising, Working Capital, Cash Flow Management


  • Digital roadmaps & frameworks
  • Supporting clients in choosing and rolling out expert IS and new technologies (RPA, Blockchain, Chatbot, etc.)
  • Implementing Change Management programs


Technical Assistance

  • Providing specialist expertise & skill-sets
  • Providing expertise & department-specific management across all department categories & needs
  • Interim management

Managed Services

  • Rolling out & overseeing expert solutions, outsourced both full-time & job-shared
  • Managing departmental tasks (audits, budgets, contracts, calls for tender & bids, orders, invoicing, tax returns, etc.)
  • Handling support & admin tasks


  • Candidate sourcing & qualification
  • Evaluating interpersonal skills (personality test)
  • Recruiting management staff & supporting them through the induction process



  • Diagnosing technical & interpersonal skills
  • Mapping out skill-set development plans
  • Skills-based sponsorship
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  • Providing in-person & remote Business & Management training
  • Designing & running efficient training programs (crash courses, etc.)
  • Onboarding scheme


  • Department-specific one-on-one and/or group support across all priority areas & cycles
  • Coaching following a holistic approach
  • Consolidating interpersonal relations to boost technical performance

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