state of mind - PeersGroup

our values

Courage and empathy

Having the courage to say what we think, after systematically checking we have an in-depth understanding of the situation, context and past action taken.

A sense of belonging

Operating and thriving in an inspiring community with high standards that encourages us to excel.

Expertise-led leadership

Expressing and upholding our vision and know-how to ensure our solutions are reliable and sustainable.

Unparalleled performance

Striking out, hitting our targets, succeeding and fostering excellence.

Our Peers

Three core beliefs:

  • Drawing on empathy to work with clients to identify unique, innovative solutions.
  • Interacting with our clients as peers, sharing our operational and consulting experience.
  • Treating our colleagues as partners, offering staff a career trajectory brimming with opportunities for new experiences and skill-set development.

You’ll know a PeersGang member when you see one:

  • Friendly – Peers smile when you pass by them in the canteen. They always have a kind word to say – even early in the morning;
  • Determined – Peers are always ready and waiting to take action, primed to help, encourage, and defend their views, colleagues, and what they consider to be the right thing to do;
  • Good teammates – Peers enjoy sharing their ideas and time with others. They know that success is often all about teamwork.
  • Reliable – Peers are people you know you can always rely on, individuals who mean and do what they say and keep their promises;
  • Sharp-minded – Peers are prone to sudden flashes of inspiration, genius ideas and ground-breaking solutions;
  • Human – Even Peers with a taste for AI are profoundly attached to human intelligence, to the joys of collaborating, to the experience of helping one another and working together to overcome all obstacles;
  • Pleasant – Peers are warm, friendly consultants who are pleasant to work with.

A Peer might join us for any number of reasons:

  • To step outside their comfort zone
  • To have fun
  • To laugh To keep on dreaming
  • To feel free
  • To cut loose

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Empower and federate our teams

Equality, courage and empathy are at the heart of who we are for each and everyone to develop himself and be part of the group while ensuring the right balance with personal development.

Forster trust in relationship

Our relations with our stakeholders are the cornerstone of our ecosystem development and suistainability given that they participate to the creation of solutions that answer the CSR challenges.

Operate in an environmental sound way

Our business is not neutral. For it is in a collective awareness that we an act toward the energy transition and green growth challenges.

Delivering sustainable growth

To guide our clients toward an economical performance in line with the expectations of our society, we strive to reconcile competitiveness challenges and corporate responsibility.