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Our Certification offer

Publié le 22 April 2020 dans Business

After three years spent assisting clients from a range of sectors in tackling Operational Quality and System Quality concerns, QualityPeers has honed its approach and is now pleased to offer an innovative Certification solution.
Our goal is to support SMEs experiencing rapid growth to lend their projects structure and form. This inevitably means establishing and implementing a Quality System that allows them to gain a better grasp of the company’s external and internal factors.

Our approach is based on four key steps taken to ensure your certification plans are a success

  1. Understanding your factors
  2. Assessing the current situation
  3. Mapping out your plans
  4. Overseeing your plans

This fourth step is where we take a different approach in line with your starting situation and the scale of your plans, either acting as a full-time external Quality Manager, or supporting your existing Quality Manager through job-sharing, and providing you with in-person or remote coaching and a toolbox.