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We aim to reach new heights, day after day…

Publié le 18 June 2020 dans Daily Life

So it seemed only right that when it came to organizing our annual seminar, we should head to the Alps with PeersGroup’s entire sales team!

The line-up included brainstorming sessions on PeersGroup’s offer, and on the best possible sales tactics for bringing our solutions to our clients’ and prospects’ attention in 2020. The group’s future is dependent on our ability to enhance the multi-faceted nature of what we do, and to provide our clients with ever more comprehensive support opportunities, while capitalizing on the entire PeersGroup ecosystem’s strengths.

Led by Guillaume and Nicolas, these workshops aimed to equip all our entities’ Business Managers with the tools needed to inject their approach with extra multi-faceted creativity. The off-site location intensified the bond between the teams, and allowed them to lock down the first action points to be implemented, to feed back into our 2020 growth policy.

At the end of the various workshops, a handful of shared values inherent to the group emerged from the teams, which we’d like to share with you here: PRIDE, UNITY, SOLIDARITY

These three intense days were also an opportunity to learn to get to know ourselves better in a different context and environment, and to come together around some incredible shared moments, as we got moving and hung out. A 2020 sales kick-off that was a total success from all angles. Now all that’s left to do is to turn our aspiration into action – and you can count on our determination to make it happen!

See you very soon.