Expertises - PeersGroup

Each of PeersGroup’s areas of expertise
is designed to support you through transformation

Your priorities

Business Cases

  • Generating & boosting growth
  • Adding to your client experience
  • Bolstering the value of your offer
  • Integrating two businesses
  • Pinpointing sales pipelines
  • Large and medium supermarket drive-through add-on
  • Outsourcing customer service
  • Handling time to market
  • Simplifying your operations & increasing agility
  • Accelerating your industrial strategy
  • Stabilizing operations
  • Revolutionizing vehicle distribution and preparation models
  • Applying sector-specific standards
  • Ensuring your products & services are reliable & high-quality
  • Structuring & securing your practices
  • Controlled industrial transfer
  • Improving quality control upon receipt
  • Enhancing your competitiveness
  • Optimizing your relationships with your suppliers
  • Boosting your attractiveness
  • Reworking datacenter supply chain and sourcing models
  • Establishing a group’s IT infrastructure (Green Field)
  • Ensuring successful acquisitions
  • Optimizing cash flow
  • Mapping out future development
  • Outsourcing Finance fonction of Startup
  • Business Planning Analyst
  • Comptabilité, conformité et reporting

PeersGroup is expanding its horizons


To support its clients and develop new expert abilities, PeersGroup is going global.
Our presence around the world spans all five continents, with four international subsidiaries to our name.
20% of the group’s employees work out of our international subsidiaries.

  • Country subsidiaries
  • Action

PeersGroup dans le monde